How can add a contact form in wordpress Website

So let’s say you have a website and you want to give your visitors, a way to contact you.

You can do that by adding a contact form. So, today, we gonna create a contact form like this. So once you create this form. Anyone who’s visiting your website will be able to fill up this form. And when they click submit. You will get an email with the message they have sent. So this will give Your visitors a way to reach you when they need help or when they have something to share. Now let ’s  Create a contact form.

To create the form in 3 Simple steps:-

step1- Install the plugin in word press, which helps the create a form.

To install the plugin let’s go to the dashboard of WordPress. And go to the plugins and click add new and Search for the plugins for the Ninja forms. So click on install and active after the installation. Now you can see the new bottom in dashboard i.e. called ninja form. Once the installed the plugin now go to the next step.

Step 2- create a form

To create a form just click on ninja forms and you will see the one default contact form. So first delete that and create the new form by clicking add new. Here you will see different types of form you can create So you can choose contact us form and as soon as click it your form will be created so you can see there that have simple contact form Which asked for the name, email and message and also has a submit bottom. So once have created the form we go to the next step

Step 3- contact form add to our website

Go to the pages, after opening the dashboard of word press and click add new of the page. Now we are going to create a new page were we can put our contact form Put the page title like contact us and then add the form by click the add form and click this & drop down you see the form which we have created in last step So let’s select that   and now if you click the insert the form inserted in to the page. Next click on publish and view the page or refresh it. As you can see you got a contact like above. So this is how easily you can create a contact form in word press.

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