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Print and design custom Calendars with company logo

Hanging calendars make for great gifts for your corporate, as well as personal relations. You can make your hanging calendars online with custom colors and designs and have personalized text as well as your business logo. These hanging calendars will create a lasting impression, given that they will be in use all year round. 

Flex Printing & Designing

Flex & Vinyl Printing

Flex banner and sign face fabric is a durable, flexible, translucent, dimensionally-stable material with built-in dirt resistance. It’s made of laminated PVC plastic fabric and can be attached to a variety of frameworks either before or after being decorated. The substrate has a polyester scrim embedded in a white-pigmented vinyl. The front surface is smooth and has a semi-gloss appearance.

The fabric can be categorized as front-lit and backlit based on the position of the light source. The physical property is slightly different.

Business Card Designing & Printing

Visiting card/Business Card Print

Business card printing is a valuable marketing tool for any business. Business card printing is a medium that is portable, flexible in design, informative, and if designed with careful consideration leaves a lasting impression on current and potential customers. Fshop Print Lab offers quality business card printing and speedy turnaround service to keep you on top of the game